due diligence procedure造句

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  1. Project sourcing and conduct investment due diligence procedures , such as financial modeling , sensitivity analysis , organizing accounting and legal audits
  2. Party b accepts the entrustment by party a to carry out due diligence procedures in connection with the subject company ' s 2005 , 2006 and most recent 2007 financial statements in oder to obtain from the subject company information on its financial affairs , marketing , supply chain management , human resources and legal affairs and to issue a financial due diligence report
    乙方接受甲方委托,对目标公司的2005年度、 2006年度及2007年最近期财务报表执行尽职调查程序,向目标公司了解财务、市场销售、供应链管理、人事、法务方面的信息,并出具财务尽职调查报告。
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