due dilligence造句

"due dilligence"是什么意思   


  1. I ask that they use due dilligence to discern and find the facts.
  2. I got called out for stalking but I thought it was due dilligence.
  3. They did not examine his finances and his books with anything resembling due dilligence.
  4. Steven is cautious and acts with due dilligence-prime requirements with the admin tool set.
  5. He said if the integration programme begins during due dilligence, the companies can correct erroneous assumptions.
  6. It's difficult to find due dilligence in a sentence. 用due dilligence造句挺难的
  7. What happened to going to libraries, like I did for this article, and doing proper due dilligence?
  8. Radio and TV shows who have them as guests don't do their due dilligence and all they care about is ratings.
  9. A lot of due dilligence has been carried out, so it's not something that we ( have ) just done overnight.
  10. For merger negotiations, the SC said the acquirer and the acquiree are required to appoint an independent auditor to perform due dilligence audits.
  11. Shareholder value relates to the long term benefits of the merger to the company and whether the synergies predicted during due dilligence have been realised.
  12. The terms of the proposed participation by Phillip Securities and proposed restructuring exercise can only be determined after the completion of the due dilligence exercise,
  13. As part of the review, the SC will place appropriate measures to improve the standards of corporate governance, disclosure and due dilligence responsibilities.
  14. Wikipedia is somewhat indemnified when the uploader swears that the image is her own, provided that we show " due dilligence ."
  15. Through due dilligence, it would have been found that the copy did not reflect large portions of the film dialogue therefore was not definitive.
  16. I consider only three at this point of time, one is that an individual arrives at a conclusion after due dilligence and is open to change.
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