dye over造句

"dye over"是什么意思   


  1. We gotta do something because folks are dying over there.
  2. Unless you figure those few moments of pleasure are worth dying over.
  3. He wanted to get dying over with _ until he met Lydia.
  4. Oh, and that no tennis match is worth living and dying over.
  5. But ultimately I ask myself, " Is this hill worth dying over?
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  7. You are dying over a period of years.
  8. There seem to be no ideas worth living for, let alone dying over.
  9. "Look, there's a lot of people dying over there.
  10. But that fight was dying over there.
  11. The animals began dying over the weekend.
  12. Look at who is dying over there.
  13. They applaud his decision, but end up choking and dying over their own meals.
  14. What's so good about his presence is that he's dying over this.
  15. As the run rate slowed down, India struggled to muster runs in the dying overs.
  16. Many minerals provide pigments which have been used in green paints and dyes over the centuries.
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