effective halt造句

"effective halt"是什么意思   


  1. Wednesday's protest and the president's reaction have put an effective halt to questions about the elections.
  2. They also expect Israel to announce an effective halt to the housing project at Har Homa.
  3. Arafat angrily rejected the offer, and the entire negotiating process ground to an effective halt soon after.
  4. Such a strike could have meant an effective halt to the sale of gasoline, kerosine and cooking gas to the general public.
  5. However, the Reformation brought an effective halt to church-building in England which continued in most parts of the country until the 19th century.
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  7. The commission's investigation ground to an effective halt last month after it summoned the commander of the powerful rural police force known as the Gendarmerie.
  8. In response, the head of a U . N . team announced that inspectors of all nationalities would be flown from Iraq on Friday, bringing an effective halt to a weapons inspection effort that has been at the center of the U . N . mission in Iraq for nearly seven years.


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