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  1. RTC chairman David Miscavige is widely seen as the effective head of Scientology.
  2. The effective head of state during this period was Ruggero Settimo.
  3. He became effective head of the government in Richard's absence.
  4. Gaddafi remained commander in chief of the armed forces and effective head of state.
  5. They are several petty tyrants, of whom this man is only the effective head.
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  7. This office made him the effective head of the papal Secretariat in the Roman Curia.
  8. The university's effective head and chief executive officer is the Vice-Chancellor, known as President before 2016.
  9. This allows them to remain upright and offer effective head protection even with an open window.
  10. The effective head of the SMgM was the.
  11. As a matter of indisputable constitutional convention, the Governor-General has become Australia's effective head of state.
  12. Although Leggio retained some influence from behind bars, Riina was now the effective head of the Corleonesi.
  13. Saurin ( AG 1807-1822 ) was regarded for many years as the effective head of the Irish Government.
  14. Fran鏾is was the effective head of the family upon the retirement of his father to the Carthusian monastery of Paris.
  15. The increased exit flow also increased the effective head, allowing the turbines to generate more power without using more water.
  16. For his effort, Ma Shiying won the appreciation of Hongguang and replaced Shi Kefa as the effective head of government.
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