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  1. The main roller is of direct - heating mode , which makes the effective heating area exceed 75 % and increases the energy utilization
    直热式主辊筒,有效加热面积超过了75 % ,提高了能源的利用率。
  2. It is the high effective heat exchange equipment which is applied in the heat exchange of gas - gas , liquid - liquid and gas - liquid
  3. Queen cookware ' s effective heat distribution enables you to cook using several pans on one burner at once ? saving time and energy , and freeing up space on your stove
  4. Then the finite element equations are derived with the effective heat capacity method . common time - stepping method and precise time integration ( pti ) method are used to solve the equation
  5. In chapter 3 , the numerical methods of hcppc are discussed . four models of fixed grid technique are surveyed . they are total enthalpy method , apparent heat capacity method , effective heat capacity method and the fictitious heat flow method
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  7. Deep facial lifting treatment top program : with high fragrance and high effective heat energy , the temperature reaches 60 - 70 , constantly promote the regeneration and reconstruction of collagen in deep skin , generate plenty of ossein with the function of instantly firming skin and removing wrinkles
    深层拉皮治疗一极程式:利用高频高效热能,温度加热到60 - 70 ,不断刺激皮肤深层胶原重生、重组、产生大量新增骨胶原,令肌肤即刻猁收紧,祛皱的效果。
  8. The production practice showed that , as along as adopting hi - quality ductile iron castings which has reasonable chemical composition including proper alloying elements and satisfactory as - cast structure , and adopting effective heat treatment process , the comprehensive mechanical properties of adi could be greatly increased and it was concluded that it is possible to produce high toughness adi castings with stable quality
  9. The thesis adopted the effective heat transfer coefficient to heating load calculation , through it , we discover that : the heat consumption of the lowest story door , highest story door and the door stick to gable wall is more than the center door of the building , further approved the necessity that the communal heating load calculation are abstracted and allocated averagely
  10. The effective heat - transfer temperature difference ( t _ i ) of every effect of multi - effect evaporation subsystem and the preheat temperature rise ( t _ ( p , j ) ) of every level of multi - level preheat subsystem of the design model were distributed by equal heating area , equal heat - transfer temperature difference , and free proration methods . the simulation of design has been conducted by matrix method combined with iterative method . the free proration method transformed the decision variables from t _ i and t _ ( p , j ) with complex restriction into _ i 、 _ p , jwith the value range of 0 1 , and provided a simple and convenient method for optimum design
    操作型模型分别以t _ 0 、 t _ k 、处理量f _ 0 、出料浓度x _ ( az )等不同控制变量为未知变量并采用矩阵法结合迭代法进行操作模拟计算;在操作模拟计算的基础上,建立了复杂多效蒸发系统操作优化模型,该模型以浓缩成本最小为优化目标,以t _ k和f _ 0为决策变量,采用遗传算法结合矩阵法求解。


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