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  1. Antenna effective height
  2. Calculation methods for the ultimate stress and effective height of external prestressing tendons
  3. For given dust , dust - contained gas and specific operational parameters , the structure parameters , such as inlet size , diameter of cyclone device , diameter , thickness and effective height of filtrating bed , can be optimized as variables , thereby the optimal structure size of the removable grain bed dust collector is decided
    该模型以除尘效率最大为优化目标,以结构参数与运行参数间的关系为约束条件,对特定的粉尘和含尘气体以及一定的运行参数而言,优化设计变量为移动式颗粒床除尘器的结构参数(主要有进气口尺寸,旋风体直径,过滤床直径、厚度及有效过滤高度) ,从而确定移动式颗粒床除尘器的最佳结构尺寸。
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