electron acceptors造句


  1. In prokaryotes, multiple electron acceptors can be used in anaerobic respiration.
  2. How this is performed depends on which external electron acceptor is available.
  3. NAD + is the electron acceptor in the oxidation reaction.
  4. NADH is the electron donor and O 2 is the electron acceptor.
  5. Anaerobes utilize electron acceptors from sources other than oxygen gas.
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  7. The final result is the electron is donated to an electron acceptor.
  8. The immediate electron acceptor for the enzyme is believed to be ubiquinone.
  9. It uses these compounds as electron acceptors in dihaloelimination reactions.
  10. This involves a pairing of an electron donor and an electron acceptor.
  11. Anaerobic respiration is the process of respiration using an electron acceptor other than.
  12. Denitrification is the utilization of nitrate ( ) as a terminal electron acceptor.
  13. :: : : : Nitrates and sulfates are other potential electron acceptors.
  14. It uses arsenate as its terminal electron acceptor.
  15. Oxygen is the electron acceptor and is depleted.
  16. It uses tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene as electron acceptors.
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