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  1. Ellen Albertini Dow, who should patent this role ).
  2. The 1998 film was nominated for two Worst Supporting Actress for Ellen Albertini Dow ..
  3. Grandma ( Ellen Albertini Dow, the " rappin'granny " from " The Wedding Singer " ) is barely there.
  4. And Ellen Albertini Dow, last seen as the rapping granny in " The Wedding Singer, " is reduced to snorting coke in " 54 ."
  5. Neither is Drew Barrymore, nor even Ellen Albertini Dow, the grandmother whose Geritol version of " Rapper's Delight " provides the amiable film with its funniest moment.
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  7. The episode featured guest performances by Ellen Albertini Dow, Dave Boat, Phil LaMarr, Kevin Michael Richardson and Anne-Michelle Seiler, along with several recurring guest voice actors for the series.
  8. In addition to the regular cast, actress Ellen Albertini Dow, voice actors Dave Boat, Phil LaMarr and Kevin Michael Richardson, and actress Anne-Michelle Seiler guest starred in the episode.
  9. She's known as Ellen Albertini Dow, but after her performance in the " The Wedding Singer, " the 70-something former Pierce College instructor might go down in history as the Rappin'Granny of Woodland Hills.
  10. He infiltrates the room of an old lady who won't eat ( Ellen Albertini Dow, the rappin'granny of " The Wedding Singer " ) and a terminal patient with a bad attitude ( Peter Coyote ).
  11. Cameo appearances are provided by George Burns ( in his final feature film, as Milt Lackey, a 100-year-old comedian ), Joey Lawrence, Billy Barty, Peter MacNicol, Robert Klein, Ellen Albertini Dow, Candy Clark, Bo Hopkins ( as Billy Budget's parents ) and Wilbur Fitzgerald, as well as singers Rosemary Clooney and Tracy Byrd.
  12. They include her twin nephews, Zim and Zam, ( voiced by Dylan and Cole Sprouse ) who appear in " Chipmunky Business ", and her mother Azma, ( voiced by Ellen Albertini Dow ) who appears in " The Bride of Kuzco " and looks just as ancient looking as Yzma ( possibly even more so ) and converses by sighs and coughs.


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