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  1. "One or two have even read our first book, " offers Kennedy's co-author, Ellen Alderman.
  2. Caroline Kennedy was just short of her sixth birthday when two books on civil liberties with Ellen Alderman.
  3. THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY, by Ellen Alderman . . . . 15 . . . . . _ . . . 1
  4. He first met her in 1986, when she was researching a book she wrote with Ellen Alderman, In Our Defense : The Bill of Rights in Action.
  5. The book, which she and co-author Ellen Alderman signed Friday in Atlanta, is about mostly ordinary folks traumatized by unexpected thrusts into the public or legal spotlight.
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  7. Kennedy is a lawyer and co-author, with Ellen Alderman, of " The Right to Privacy " and " In Our Defense : The Bill of Rights in Action ."
  8. Since its publication in late November, " The Right to Privacy, " a book about privacy laws by Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy, has been a critical success but a slow burner in stores.
  9. She is here to talk about a new book she has written with friend Ellen Alderman, with whom she wrote the best-selling " In Our Defense : The Bill of Rights in Action ."
  10. Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy, who cite that passage in their book " The Right to Privacy " ( Knopf, 1995 ), also argue that " When the media uses its strength to uncover government corruption or lay bare a public lie, it is our country's watchdog.
  11. For the Ninth Amendment, reserving all unenumerated rights to the people, Minsky highlighted " the right to privacy, " using a book of that name by Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy and re-illustrating it with photos of Diana, Princess of Wales, including endpapers depicting her fatal car crash.


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