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  1. The idea for the Survivors Healing Center came about through poet and author Ellen Bass.
  2. Ellen Bass is a poet, with four books of poems, including " Mules of Love " with an introduction by Dorianne Laux, and " The Human Line " published by Copper Canyon Press.
  3. Ellen Bass is a feminist writer and critic, perhaps best known outside literary circles for her popular non-fiction book " The Courage to Heal : A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse ", which she co-wrote with Laura Davis.
  4. Faculty have included Dorothy Allison, Claire Carmichael, Bernard Cooper, Elana Dykewomon, Katherine V . Forrest, Rigoberto Gonz醠ez, Eloise Klein Healy, Fenton Johnson, Joy Ladin, Michael Nava, D . A . Powell, John Rechy, Ellen Bass, Sarah Schulman, Ellery Washington and Nicola Griffith.
  5. Past contributors include Dan Albergotti, Dorothy Allison, Ellen Bass, Richard Bausch, Maud Casey, Peter Ho Davies, Timothy Donnelly, Tom Franklin, Elizabeth Gilbert, Adam Johnson, Lyn Hejinian, T . R . Hummer, Fady Joudah, Dorianne Laux, Julia B . Levine, Lisa Lewis, Thomas Lynch, Khaled Mattawa, Joseph Millar, Ander Monson, Danielle Pafunda, Ron Rash, Hilda Raz, Maura Stanton, Michael Steinberg, Virgil Su醨ez, William Wenthe, and many others.
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  7. Since 2005, " Poetry Kanto " has featured a wide and diverse range of poets such as Gwyneth Lewis, Ilya Kaminsky, Beth Ann Fennelly, Vijay Seshadri, Harryette Mullen, Ellen Bass, Rigoberto Gonz醠ez, Ayukawa Nobuo, TarM Kitamura, Akira Tatehata, ShuntarM Tanikawa, Gregory Orr, Michael Sowder, Ann-Fisher Wirth, Sarah Arvio, Michele Leggott, SaburM Kuroda, Rin Ishigaki, Kiyoko Nagase, Toriko Takarabe, Inuo Taguchi, Hiroshi Kawasaki, Mari L Esperance, Ekiawah Adler-Belendez, William Heyen, Linda Ann Strang, J . P . Dancing Bear, Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, Kiriu Minashita, Chimako Tada, Masayo Koike, Naoko KudM, Rykichi Tamura, Kenji Miyazawa, Maiko Sugimoto, JunzaburM Nishwaki, Irene McKinney, Jane Hirshfield, ShinjirM Kurahara, RyM Kisaka, Alicia Ostriker, Judy Halebsky, Hiromi ItM, Jeffrey Angles, Takako Arai, Libby Hart, Gregory Dunne, Niels Hav, William Heyen, and Adele Ne Jame.
  8. Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, co-authors of " The Courage to Heal " ( 1988 ), are described as " champions of survivorship " by Frederick Crews, who considers Freud the key influence upon them, although in his view they are indebted not to classic psychoanalysis but to " the pre-psychoanalytic Freud . . . who supposedly took pity on his hysterical patients, found that they were all harboring memories of early abuse . . . and cured them by unknotting their repression . " Crews sees Freud as having anticipated the recovered memory movement by emphasizing " mechanical cause-and-effect relations between symptomatology and the premature stimulation of one body zone or another ", and with pioneering its " technique of thematically matching a patient's symptom with a sexually symmetrical'memory .'" Crews believes that Freud's confidence in accurate recall of early memories anticipates the theories of recovered memory therapists such as Lenore Terr, which in his view have led to people being wrongfully imprisoned or involved in litigation.


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