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  1. "' Ellen Battelle Dietrick "'( 1847 1895 ) was an American suffragist and author who was active in the movement's organizations in Kentucky and Massachusetts.
  2. The founding officers were : president, Laura Clay; vice presidents, Ellen Battelle Dietrick and Mary Barr Clay; corresponding secretary, Eugenia B . Farmer; recording secretary, Anna M . Deane; and treasurer.
  3. In 1892, the recent merger of several national suffrage associations and other factors prompted Alice Stone Blackwell and Ellen Battelle Dietrick to write a new constitution for the MWSA that would expand its capacities and funding base ( e . g . by making it possible for the MWSA to receive bequests ).
  4. So influential were his views that suffragist Ellen Battelle Dietrick's last book, " Women in the Early Christian Ministry " ( 1897 )  in which she offered a refutation of Christian teachings that relegated women to second-class status was subtitled " A Reply to Bishop Doane, and Others ".
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