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  1. Greta Williams and Ellen Beach Yaw; mezzo-soprano Mary Davies; tenors William Hayman Cummings and William Howland Frederick Ranalow and Robert Radford.
  2. Ellen Beach Yaw ( a premier vocalist of her time, nicknamed " Lark Ellen " ), of Covina, California, sang at their wedding.
  3. The original cast included Savoy Theatre regulars Ellen Beach Yaw, Rosina Brandram, Emmie Owen, Louie Pounds, Isabel Jay, Walter Passmore, Henry Lytton and Robert Evett.
  4. When she was passed over for the leading soprano part of Sultana Zubedyah in " The Rose of Persia ", Vincent rejected the part that she was offered ( " Scent-of-Lilies " ) and left the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company in November 1899 . As it turned out, Ellen Beach Yaw, the American soprano cast as the Sultana, was dismissed after only two weeks in the role, and the opportunity to replace her went to young Isabel Jay.
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