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  1. The scheme is still in its embryonic stage .
  2. It is still in an embryonic stage .
  3. Following the embryonic stage of development
  4. A discussion of the duration of re - storage at the embryonic stage after instant hydrochlorization of silkworm eggs
  5. Urban industry has a preferable foundation in chongqing and the zone construction is still in the embryonic stage
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  7. Compared with developed countries , the sports industry in china is in small scale , weak foundation and embryonic stage
  8. The history of mankind design activity can be divided into three stages , embryonic stage , handicrafts stage and the industry design stage
  9. Also speaking at today s ceremony , mr yu said , " i wish to pay special tribute to the colleagues of jucc who actually fathered the company at its embryonic stage .
  10. Contradictions among the people under the new circumstances have to be handled correctly so that factors liable to adversely affect social stability can be eliminated at the grass - roots level while still in the embryonic stage
  11. Since learner autonomy , one of the research topics in sla , was introduced into china ' s foreign language world in the beginning of 1990s , domestic studies on learner autonomy have gone through three stages , i . e . , the embryonic stage , the slow - progress stage and the flourishing stage
  12. At the same time , most of the stars knowledge showed off in the form of natural worship and myth legend , was full of fishing and hunting culture intension , and reflected the general characteristic that astronomy mingled with primitive belief during the embryonic stage
  13. The development of private ownership economy of present china has four stages : the embryonic stage , hesitate at the crossroads and rise stage , growing - up stage , and develop steadily stage . at present , the private ownership economy is not mature , and still needs development
  14. Eco - design is one of the best ways for " ecological management " . eco - design for cable products is only at the embryonic stage in china . the government in china has issued relevant regulations to forbid use of non - environmental cable for large and middle scale buildings or public sites , which urge us to further study eco - design
  15. The concrete characteristic of practice according to the political economic development background of the chinese society , clothing marketing and theory development and relevant theory , this text divides the development course of chinese clothing marketing into three stages : the embryonic stages of 1978 - 1989 ; the exploration stages of 1990 - 1995 ; the disputes stage of commercial struggle of 1996 - 2001
    根据中国社会的政治经济发展背景、服装营销实践及理论发展的具体特征和相关理论,本文将中国服装营销的发展历程划分为三个阶段: 1978 ? 1989年的萌芽阶段; 1990 ? 1995年的探索阶段; 1996 ? 2001年的商战纷争阶段。
  16. Different genes ( and their protein products ) experience changes in their spatio - temporal distribution and level of expression during heart development . therefore , it is necessary to understand these five genes expression on mrna and protein levels at different embryonic stages . this study showed the expression pattern of the five novel human genes at mrna level from embryonic stages to adult
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