embryonic stem cells造句


  1. Researchers last year isolated embryonic stem cells for the first time.
  2. Opponents argue that embryonic stem cell research destroys a human life.
  3. They are primitive but powerful bodies called human embryonic stem cells.
  4. Among scientists, the enthusiasm centers on embryonic stem cell research.
  5. _Prohibit the use of embryonic stem cells for human cloning.
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  7. Hatch likens research with embryonic stem cells to a heart transplant.
  8. In the inner core of the blastocyst are embryonic stem cells.
  9. The cells also share a striking property with embryonic stem cells.
  10. Others oppose the harvesting of embryonic stem cells on moral grounds.
  11. Opponents say the use of embryonic stem cells would encourage abortions.
  12. Anti-abortion groups oppose fetal and embryonic stem cell research.
  13. Embryonic stem cells are thought to be the more flexible biologically.
  14. Embryonic stem cells are among the first cells formed after conception.
  15. Q : Who favors federal funding for embryonic stem cell research?
  16. But the current debate over embryonic stem cell research divides them.
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