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  1. Seven board members could not vote on this contract because they each had received at least $ 10 in campaign contributions from the contractor, engineering management consultant Parsons-Brinckerhoff / DMJM, within the last four years.
  2. Though Shea-Kiewit-Kenny crafted the realignment plan that included " faulty calculations, " it was MTA's design outfit, Engineering Management Consultant, that signed off on it, the report said.
  3. "' Naeem Baig "'is a novelist and short story writer who has conceived novels and short stories ( afsanas ) in Urdu and English Languages . He is a former senior Banker & Engineering management Consultant.
  4. Most of that cost, $ 428 million, was in two contracts : one with Engineering Management Consultants in May 1992 to design Metro Rail, and another with Parsons-Dillingham to oversee construction, which includes four contracts signed between 1991 and 1993, the records show.
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