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  1. Reflection on teaching and reforming the course of engineering mathematics
  2. Chinese journal of engineering mathematics
  3. On education of engineering mathematics
  4. Guide for selecting greek letters used as letter symbols for engineering mathematics
  5. Sound knowledge of process management and principles including basic engineering mathematics and computation
  6. It's difficult to find engineering mathematics in a sentence. 用engineering mathematics造句挺难的
  7. Now , many institutions of higher education often adopt " the public engineering mathematics " with " the signal and system " to solve the mathematics problems about the " field " and the " road "
  8. Aiming at the present condition of engineering mathematics teaching , this article discussed the function to raise students ' mathematical applied ability by developing the teaching of mathematics experiments course
  9. On the basis of the theory of the fuzzy optimize design and the fuzzy compositor and the normal engineering mathematics method , the mathematics models of confirmation of optimize quality standard and quality cost proportion in the design sage is put forward ; the real time control model in the construction stage is put forward based on the fuzzy control theory . the three models are all easily handled and precise and could be used in real work
  10. Coursework includes color science , computer programming , engineering mathematics , data structures , color duplication , pre - press techniques , visual psychology , printing materials science , digital printing , industrial management , quality control , electronic publishing systems , and computer image processing theories and applications


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