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  1. The discussion of thermal engineering measurement error
  2. Engineering measurement unit shall comply with design
  3. Development of a photoelectric sensor used in civil engineering measurement
  4. The second is high effective rainwater use model of using engineering measurements and film cover to harvest rainwater to irrigate farming field
  5. The test experimentations verify that the grounding measurement system of this paper can fulfill the demand of the small electric current test , and be applied to the engineering measurements
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  7. The first is the high effective rainwater use model of using engineering measurements and film cover to harvest rainwater to plant grasses and trees on the barren hillside to resume vegetation
    Z ”为效利用为技术原理。人为对雨水资源的调控利用程度最高,经济、技术投入强度大,相对产出也高。
  8. Finally , results of dam 53 of yunfeng dam computed under various static and seismic conditions were analyzed respectively , then , relevant engineering measurements were proposed according to various condition
  9. Slope reinforcement is an important part of rock slope engineering , a typic type of engineering measurements to assure the slope and engineering structure and maintenance ’ s security in mountainous district fundamental constructions
  10. In this article , after analyzing the measurement system structure , it designs a new system , which is much easier in adjusting , and then it presents a height - calibrating method , which is practical in the engineering measurement
  11. The problems that should be resolved in the engineering measurement of ftp are presented , such as calibration , phase unwrapping , and image connection etc . and a new calibration method for 3d machine vision , which combines height calibration with position calibration , is expounded
    提出了ftp工程测量中需解决的问题,如标定、解相、图象拼接等。提出了一种将高度z标定和位置( x , y )标定相结合而实现摄像机立体视觉标定的新方法。
  12. By making the taersi 3d virtual view using digital photogrammetric system , these are analyzed such as its ' principle , making method and key steps detailedly , meanwhile many practical applications of taersi 3d virtual view arc introduced briefly , it is a reference for the engineering measurement
  13. Based on the method of engineering measurement of 3d object surface , this dissertation studies the theories and applications of ftp . it consists of the following contents : the mathematical model of each phase measurement method is analyzed . the relationship between the phase and the height is introduced
  14. With the development of embedded technology , all kinds of portable devices have being widely used in scientific research , consumer electronic , engineering , etc . in this paper , 3d laser distance meter based on embedded chip at91rm9200 is been devised and implemented to meet the application needs of traffic - accident investigation system and other engineering measurement in locale


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