environment waikato造句


  1. Environment Waikato chairman Neil Clarke said in the statement.
  2. Waikato-Tainui now have joint management of the river with Environment Waikato.
  3. Environment Waikato said in its report Tuesday.
  4. Efforts were made to save the service prior to its cancellation, including an investigation made by Environment Waikato into the possibility of subsidising it.
  5. In October 1993 20 % of the shares were floated to the public on the New Zealand sharemarket when the Waikato Regional Council ( now Environment Waikato ) sold its stake.
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  7. This has, amongst other things, led to the mine management company, Newmont Waihi Gold, receiving the'Advanced Sustainable Business Award'from Environment Waikato, the Regional Council of the area.
  8. Environment Waikato, the regional government agency which drafted the proposal, said it would cost 83.5 million New Zealand dollars ( US $ 52 million ) and has asked for public input on the plan.


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