1. Corporate strategic management is a systematic process , which targets to help a company grow healthily and continuously in a flexible and environment - oriented decision scenario with a reasonable profit
  2. In this part i will point out that western region has already possessed the technologies to develop agriculture and the green - management of government should be advocated in order to put eco - environment - oriented and profit - oriented agriculture into practice
    本部分指出西部地区己初步具备发展生态环保型效益农业的技术条件;政府在实施生态环保型效益农业中可实施“绿箱操作” 。
  3. Some districts and social groups in the world , especially people in the developed countries , have come into the phrase to seek the life quality . and the environmental awareness and the environment - oriented product preference have increasingly been strong
  4. This part revolves around the issue on how to develop agriculture and presents an analysis on the agricultural development potentials of western region in jilin province , and brings up the general pattern and six concrete patterns of eco - environment - oriented and profit - oriented agriculture at the guide of three principles . this part also makes an agricultural regional planning in the western region of jilin province
  5. Separately speeking , for outward rivers in cansu ( either to the yellow river or to the yangtze river ) , the allocable water resources are mainly the river runoff and groundwater , the priority sequence of water resources allocation would be : the water use for maintenance of local plantation including the environment - oriented and irrigated ones , water use for social and economic activities , and the runoff to lower reaches
  6. It's difficult to find environment-oriented in a sentence. 用environment-oriented造句挺难的


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