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  1. After the game, Independiente coach Enzo Trossero told reporters both sides had played well.
  2. Kuhn was promoted to coach of the senior national team in June 2001, replacing the Argentine Enzo Trossero.
  3. On January 27, 2010, the club hired Argentinean coach Enzo Trossero to take over the reins of the team.
  4. Another coaching casualty was Talleres'Enzo Trossero, who resigned after his side's 3-0 home loss to Chacarita on Sunday.
  5. Clausen, a former Argentine international and Independiente player, took over as interim coach along with Ricardo Bochini last December, after Enzo Trossero resigned.
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  7. Two former Argentine international representatives made their comeback as first division coaches Tuesday, with Independiente appointing Americo Gallego and Talleres of Cordoba handing its reins to Enzo Trossero.
  8. Other players that formed the squad were Juan Barbas, Gabriel Calder髇 ( from the 1979 youth championship-winning team ), Patricio Hern醤dez, Julio Olarticoechea, Enzo Trossero and Jorge Valdano.
  9. Another Argentine coach on the rise is Enzo Trossero, who is interested in moving to the US . Trossero, 45, has been head coach at Sion in Switzerland, and Huracan, Estudiantes de La Plata, Colon de Santa Fe, and San Martin de Tucuman in Argentia.
  10. The team was formed by footballers playing in domestic Argentine Primera Divisi髇 exclusively, being some of them goalkeepers Ubaldo Fillol and Nery Pumpido, defenders N閟tor Clausen, Jos?Luis Brown, Enzo Trossero, Julio Olarticoechea and Roberto Mouzo; midfielders Claudio Marangoni, Jorge Burruchaga, Alejandro Sabella and Jos?Daniel Ponce; forwards Ricardo Gareca, Alberto M醨cico.


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