1. This sparked the idea for the Enzso project.
  2. Again in 1999 ENZSO recorded a second album titled " ENZSO 2 ."
  3. Again in 1999 ENZSO recorded a second album titled " ENZSO 2 ."
  4. She recorded'I Hope I Never'as part of the ENZSO project in 1996.
  5. "' ENZSO "'was an orchestral project started by former Split Enz keyboardist Eddie Rayner.
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  7. Rayner has also produced material for many artists including Models, Margaret Urlich, Margot Smith, and The Exponents, as well as two Enzso recordings with Split Enz members, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.
  8. The song was performed by Neil Finn both originally, and in 1995 when Split Enz member Eddie Rayner collaborated with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for the project ENZSO, " Message to My Girl " was included and performed by Finn again.
  9. With conductor Peter Scholes, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Dave Dobbyn, Annie Crummer, Sam Hunt, Neil Finn, Tim Finn and the New Zealand Youth Choir, they recorded and released their first album in 1996 simply titled " ENZSO ".


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