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  1. In July 2003, Erwin Staudt became the new president of the club.
  2. President Erwin Staudt has said Stuttgart will try to match other offers.
  3. President Erwin Staudt said Stuttgart will try to match other offers.
  4. Stuttgart president Erwin Staudt _ " It's a big-caliber opponent.
  5. "It's a big-caliber opponent, " said Stuttgart president Erwin Staudt.
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  7. Club president Erwin Staudt said the one-third of Kuranyi's future contract was linked to his performances.
  8. From November 1st 1998 to January 14th 2003, Erwin Staudt was the CEO of IBM Germany.
  9. IBM Germany chairman Erwin Staudt said that, according to a survey of IBM clients, German businesses are well behind the European average in switching over to euros.


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