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  1. To the exterior of the northern facade is a simple timber escape stair.
  2. The plain concrete escape stairs and main terrazzo stair remain intact.
  3. The rear corners have timber fire escape stairs contained within the perimeter of the verandahs.
  4. The continuous verandahs are connected vertically by a series of external fire escape stairs and ladders.
  5. Two sets of concrete fire escape stairs and a lift are also found within the building.
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  7. These operated in pairs in shared circular shafts, with an escape stair in a separate, smaller shaft.
  8. The lightwell, on the southeast side of the building, contains steel fire escape stairs and steel and concrete walkways.
  9. A series of fire escape stairs are throughout the building with one constructed on the footpath on the east side.
  10. Following a health and safety review of the theatre's access and escape stairs, the theatre closed permanently on 8 April 2011.
  11. A steel escape stair and aluminium framed glazed doors have been inserted on the exposed side of the building facing the yard.
  12. The paper's New York staff managed to find its way down the darkened, smoke-filled fire-escape stairs of the tower to safety below.
  13. Another door was cut in the north wall near the northeastern corner to provide access to a new exterior concrete fire escape stairs.
  14. The rear of the building has a series of metal fire escape stairs, and most of the windows have been replaced with metal-framed units.
  15. At the top of the seating, later fire-exit doors have been cut in the brick rear wall at either end-these lead to fire-escape stairs.
  16. Alterations at this time included the installation of fire escape stairs and internally, suspended ceilings, fluorescent lighting, a new staircase, new joinery and a new office fitout.
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