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  1. The present payload consists of a lunar ex cursion module, a service module, a command module and a launcn escape system .
  2. The present payload consists of a lunar excursion module, a service module, a command module and a launch escape system .
  3. Abort escape system
  4. When life - threatening accidents occur before the jettisoning of fairing , escape system will bring the astronauts to safety . escape system includes the escape tower and upper fairing
  5. Changzheng long march 2f consists of ten subsystems : rocket body , control system , propulsion system , malfunctioning detection and management system , escape system , remote monitoring system , telemetry safety system , propellant utilization system , additional system and ground facilities
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  7. Malfunctioning detection and management system and escape system are installed for the safety of astronauts . before the spacecraft enters the orbit , the conditions of the rocket will be closely and constantly monitored . if fatal problem occurs , the systems will help the spacecraft to leave the danger zones
  8. When escape system is activated , the grille wings at the upper fairing will open , supporting frame will pick up the orbit and returning modules , the lock between the returning and propelling modules will release , the lock between the upper and lower fairings will release , escape rocket will be ignited and finally pull the escape flight vehicle away from the rocket


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