escape the lips造句

"escape the lips"是什么意思   


  1. The technologies used in this regard have yet to find a name that easily escapes the lips.
  2. The two are so closely linked in the mind that the name " Bigwell " almost escapes the lips.
  3. Which is why, as Bedein to his regret has confirmed, you can listen intently for 12 months and never hear the word " peace " escape the lips of any Palestinian leader when he speaks to Arabs in Arabic.
  4. "Resolved, That to slander Garrison, and pronounce him a hypocrite is certainly the most unkind and ungrateful expression that could ever escape the lips of any colored man, and in what we least expected to hear, after so much toil and suffering in our behalf; and we rejoice that such spirits are few and far between ."
  5. It's difficult to find escape the lips in a sentence. 用escape the lips造句挺难的


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