escape the room造句


  1. She breaks free from her binds and successfully escapes the room.
  2. Galloway attempted to escape the room by climbing out the window.
  3. As he is unable to pursue, the young woman escapes the room.
  4. She tries numerous times to escape the room she's locked in.
  5. Sylvester frees himself and tries to escape the room.
  6. It's difficult to find escape the room in a sentence. 用escape the room造句挺难的
  7. The games are physical versions of " escape the room " video games.
  8. The boys escape the room through a window out onto the fire escape ledger.
  9. Lucas causes a distraction, and everyone but Amy attempts to escape the room.
  10. Several video game genres are covered; including escape the room, puzzle and platform game.
  11. Selina fails to reason with her and attempts to escape the room, which she discovers is locked.
  12. The fugitive escapes the room after the explosion and shoots the last one in the back of the head.
  13. But fortunately, Spider-Man escapes the room before it freezes and Rhino is frozen with it, finally defeating him.
  14. Tammi escapes the room by smashing through the glass door and cutting herself, and overhears Bluey mention where the tape is.
  15. Though he quickly escapes the room, he is soon re-captured and put into another game that ends in his death.
  16. As doctors tried to save him, the patient in the bed next to him cried for help, frantic to escape the room.
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