1. Other fashion houses they mentioned as possible targets were Trussardi and Etro.
  2. Etro gives humans pieces of chaos that become their " hearts ".
  3. The other location is Valhalla, the capital of the goddess Etro.
  4. The most iconic Etro men's pieces are its paisley cashmere items.
  5. Small wonder that Etro slipped fairly quietly into the high-profile retail scene.
  6. It's difficult to find etro in a sentence. 用etro造句挺难的
  7. Thank God for another Italian label, Etro, which clothes the other two.
  8. The name " Etro Anime " means " to be infinite in spirit ."
  9. As Mwynn fades, she tasks Etro with protecting the balance between the worlds.
  10. Etro then began its home collection in 1985.
  11. Etro's first fashion show at Milan Fashion Week was held in 1996.
  12. Lightning is then shown in crystal stasis on the throne of Etro's temple.
  13. Armani, Ferre, Etro and Krizia head among Italy's most famous fashion houses.
  14. Etro Anime shared the Alternative Tent along with Kosheen, Sneaker Pimps, and Das Pop.
  15. Distraught at being abandoned, Etro kills herself, and humans are born from her blood.
  16. Costume National, Etro and the E Shop, though quite different, are stores like this.
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