1. To date, genes encoding FHA-containing proteins have been identified in eubacterial and eukaryotic but not archaeal genomes.
  2. The hypothesis provides a straightforward explanation for the observation that eukaryotes are genetic chimeras with genes of archaeal and eubacterial ancestry.
  3. The microbiological diagnosis was reached by using conventional cultures with specific biochemical tests and eubacterial PCR amplification followed by direct sequencing.
  4. It has been shown that eubacterial quinol oxidase was derived from cytochrome c oxidase in Gram-positive bacteria and that archaebacterial quinol oxidase has an independent origin.
  5. The "'SecY protein "'is the main transmembrane subunit of the eubacterial Sec or Type II secretory pathway and a protein-secreting ATPase complex, also known as a translocon.
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  7. The "'SecA protein "'is a cell membrane associated subunit of the eubacterial Sec or Type II secretory pathway, a system which is responsible for the secretion of proteins through the cell membrane.
  8. It has been found that their mitochondrial genomes contain considerably more functional genes than those of other eukaryotic groups and it appears they have retained the ancestral eubacterial RNA polymerase, which has been replaced by viral type polymerase in all other mitochondriate eukaryotes.
  9. Also in the KaiC family is RadA / Sms, a highly conserved eubacterial protein that shares recombination and recombinational repair, most likely involving the stabilisation or processing of branched DNA molecules or blocked replication forks because of its genetic redundancy with RecG and RuvABC.
  10. The term mycoplasma (  mykes, meaning fungus and  plasma, meaning formed ) is derived from the fungal-like growth of some mycoplasma species . " M . pneumoniae " has also been designated as an arginine nongram-positive eubacterial group that includes " bacilli ", " streptococci ", and " lactobacilli " . " M . pneumoniae " is a member of the Mycoplasmataceae family and Mycoplasmatales order.


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