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  1. Exchange area facilities
  2. Please visit the language exchange area of these forums for language - related discussion
  3. Heat exchange area
  4. At the same time of ensuing heat - exchange area and cooling effect , the condenser is matched perfectly with vehicle
  5. Each group has its own group home page , file exchange area , discussion forum , chat room , group email list , assessments and shared calendar
  6. It's difficult to find exchange area in a sentence. 用exchange area造句挺难的
  7. Low temperature difference design is used to increase the exchange area , so shutdown is avoided in the high - temperatuer and high - humidity work environment
  8. Research and develop embedded usb host and peripheral firmware . this paper realizes an embedded usb system which contains host and peripheral function . it is a new method and a new settle in the mobile data exchange area
  9. Nie also analyze the impaction of microscopic institutional structure on transaction costs or supervising cost of economic action , but they mainly analyze the combination of market mechanism with social institutions in exchanging area or the combination of corporation rules with social institutions , don ’ t refer to the combination of social capital , corporation rule with market mechanism and it ’ s impaction on economic action . nie don ’ t consider social capital as a kind of fundamental but ancillary economic institution
    还有,科斯等人认识到经济行动所处的微观制度结构对其交易或组织监督成本有影响,但主要分析的是市场制度与社会制度( system )在交换领域中、企业规则与社会制度在企业生产领域中的分别结合,而没有分析市场制度、企业规则与社会资本等制度的同时结合对于经济行动的影响。
  10. The china heating information network altogether divides into several big edition blocks they separately are : heats the on - line exchange area ; warmly passes the heating profession tendency ; heating ( thermoelectricity ) technical paper ; heating ( heating ) thermoelectricity product supply and demand information ; warmly passes the equipment , the heating product demonstrates , heating enterprise / heating company huang ye ; heating investigation ; heating magazine free subscription ; visitor visitors ' book ; and three leisure columns - reading room , joke , tabletop wallpaper and so on
    中国供热信息网共分几大版块分别是:供热供暖论坛交流;暖通供热行业动态;供热热电技术论文;供热供暖热电产品供求信息;招标采购投资合作;暖通设备供热产品论文(包括锅炉、热量表、散热器换热器、保温管材、地暖等) ,供热公司供暖公司采暖供暖设备黄页;及两个休闲栏目-在线书屋、精彩笑话等。


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