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  1. And now, the town is Iceland's second-ranked import and export harbour.
  2. On the coast west of the Swartland is the Cape Columbine peninsula, with a number of coastal holiday resorts as well as the ore-export harbour at Saldanha Bay.
  3. Patras has been inhabited since the second city of the country, the indisputable centre of the Peloponnese, an important export harbour and a cradle of the emerging Greek middle class.
  4. In fact, 0zmir harbour was the most important export harbour of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century, which made the city the host for the first efforts to systemize the agricultural markets and the first commodity exchange of Turkey.
  5. As the Perak River became shallower each year due to upstream erosion and silt deposition near Teluk Intan, the town lost its two most important roles in Perak's economy which was being an export harbour for tin and rubber and as a petroleum distribution centre for Shell Malaysia.
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  7. At that time the church was the only focus of the community, but the settlement later began to acquire its own significance as a result of the presence of an abbot and of its location in a strategic pass between the interior of the feudal holding and the coast, primarily at Bermeo, which had begun to stand out as an export harbour.


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