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  1. Kyle brown : why you need websphere extended deployment
    Kyle brown谈为什么你需要websphere扩展部署
  2. In websphere extended deployment , we configure servers on
    在websphere extended deployment中,我们在节点组中的
  3. What is asymmetric clustering in websphere extended deployment
    什么是websphere extended deployment中的非对称群集?
  4. Enabling logging of autonomic tasks in websphere extended deployment
    启用websphere extended deployment中的自主任务记录
  5. Websphere extended deployment attempts to manage many of these decisions for you
    Websphere extended deployment试图为您管理许多此类决策。
  6. It's difficult to find extended deployment in a sentence. 用extended deployment造句挺难的
  7. Article on high - level overview of the autonomic features of websphere extended deployment
    关于websphere extended deployment自主特性高级概述的文章。
  8. And then marking new ejb extended deployment descriptor settings for these methods as pushdowns
    ,然后用叠加( pushdown )的方式为这些方法标记新的ejb扩展部署描述符。
  9. The only websphere extended deployment part of the workflow is adding the machine to the node group
    工作流的唯一websphere extended deployment部分是向节点组添加机器。
  10. Websphere extended deployment introduces a couple of key new concepts to the websphere environment
    Websphere extended deployment给websphere环境引入了一组关键的新概念。
  11. He is the chief architect and senior development manager responsible for websphere extended deployment
    他是负责websphere extended deployment的首席架构师兼高级开发经理。
  12. With websphere extended deployment , you create a dc and assign it to run on a node group
    利用websphere extended deployment ,可以创建一个dc ,然后指派其运行在一个节点组上。
  13. The logic to handle the install is provided by tio and is outside the domain of websphere extended deployment
    用于处理安装的逻辑由tio提供,且位于websphere extended deployment的域之外。
  14. This question and answer article features chief architect jason mcgee who answers questions about websphere extended deployment 5 . 1
    在这篇一问一答的文章里,我们邀请了首席架构师jason mcgee 。
  15. Websphere extended deployment does this through a server template that is stored with each dynamic cluster
    Websphere extended deployment通过一个与每个动态集群( dc )一起存储的服务器模板来完成这一工作。
  16. That limits websphere extended deployment to choose from only that limited node list when making resource allocation decisions
    这限制了websphere extended deployment在进行资源分配决定时,只能从受限节点列表中选择。
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