extermination method造句

"extermination method"是什么意思   


  1. But the government has come up with a novel extermination method _ eat'em.
  2. It is humane for both cats and rats, who through traditional extermination methods, die painful deaths through poisoning and glue traps.
  3. It was later widely implemented as an extermination method in Nazi Germany to kill those the regime deemed enemies of the state, mostly Jews.
  4. The area was plagued by rats, and the extermination methods ( spraying poison ) was not only making the humans sick, it did not solve the rat problem.
  5. But that effort is expected to come to an end in a few weeks, when Velazquez said he will have no other choice but to devote public funds to more dramatic extermination methods.
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  7. They are generally better trained than say, you or I, in the use of such chemicals, and could likely recommend an extermination method which was as safe as possible for your family .-- contribs 04 : 27, 5 June 2009 ( UTC)


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