extermination of evil造句


  1. They appear in the related article, " Extermination of Evil ".
  2. hanging scrolls, " Extermination of Evil ", depicting benevolent deities who expel demons of plague.
  3. Four images were featured from a set of five scrolls designated as a hanging scrolls, " Extermination of Evil ", are now featured.
  4. One of the five paintings of " Extermination of Evil " portrays Sendan Kendatsuba, one of the eight guardians of Buddhist law, banishing evil.
  5. ""'Extermination of Evil " "'is a set of five paintings believed to have been created in the 12th century, depicting ShMki ( click on thumbnail to see entire image ).
  6. It's difficult to find extermination of evil in a sentence. 用extermination of evil造句挺难的


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