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  1. Controls external access to and from the database
  2. Limit the use of external access control
  3. External access equipment ea
  4. External access options
  5. This is primarily used to execute code in assemblies with external access permission set
    主要用于执行具有external _ access权限集的程序集中的代码。
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  7. The owner of the database needs the external access assembly or unsafe assembly permission at the server level
  8. Only safe and external access assemblies can contain code that is verifiably type - safe
    只有safe和external _ access程序集可以包含证实的安全类型的代码。
  9. These ports are used by the stores web module and give external access to your published stores
    Stores web module使用这些端口并获得对已发布的存储的外部访问权。
  10. Additionally , safe and external access assemblies cannot be annotated with the following custom attributes
    另外,不能用以下自定义属性批注safe和external _ access程序集:
  11. With the external access permission set , a stored procedure can access external resources by using managed code
  12. Using a non - standard port also means that any firewalls need to be reconfigured if external access is needed
  13. This property also allows the creation and execution of unsafe and external access assemblies within the database
  14. An imaginary address used internally to the cpu which is translated by the mmu into a physical address for external access
  15. It represents the need to enable widespread internal or external access to services provided by multiple applications , legacy or otherwise
  16. You do this by specifying one of three permission sets when you create or modify an assembly : safe , external access , or unsafe
    可以通过在创建或修改程序集时指定三个权限集( safe 、 external _ access或unsafe )之一执行以上操作。
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