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  1. This external pod and cable unit delivers live cable television to any computer via Universal Serial Bus port.
  2. Ultimately, the RAF chose the standard F-4M and external pod, which allowed all of its aircraft to perform all designated roles.
  3. All of these handicaps were overcome with the external pod installation of FLIR, which readily identified the rivers and lakes used as turning points.
  4. The camera performed well but mounting it in an external pod caused too much drag, so it was installed in the nose of three normal F-4Es instead.
  5. In support of its reconnaissance role, the unit formed a RIC at Coltishall to process and interpret the photographs made by pilots, using sensors located in a large external pod.
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  7. It has, among other features, rate-to-rate recording of heart rate, an altimeter based on air pressure, calculation of EPOC and training effect and support for external POD devices measuring speed and distance.
  8. The Soviet Union created a specifically designed version of the Antonov An-30 aerial survey aircraft, the An-30M Sky Cleaner, with eight containers of solid carbon dioxide in the cargo area plus external pods containing meteorological cartridges that could be fired into clouds.
  9. This card comes with an external pod that sits on your desk and allows you to connect cable TV, a DVD player, a camcorder or VCR . It will then output to a VCR, camcorder or, of course, a TV . There's also a separate line-out on the pod for audio, so you can plug all this into a stereo system.


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