familiar animal造句


  1. Many familiar animals are quadrupedal, walking or running on four legs.
  2. Peperami released a series of dog toys featuring the familiar Animal character.
  3. He also depicts familiar animals such as dogs and cats.
  4. For example, glutinous rice flour and rice paste are molded into familiar animals.
  5. Loplop was an alter ego which Ernst developed and functioned as a familiar animal.
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  7. I think we can learn and understand the language of familiar animals just fine.
  8. Start with familiar animals your child has seen in the yard or at a nearby farm.
  9. Dolphins recognize the whistles of familiar animals, and are able to imitate the whistles of others.
  10. They are a relatively familiar animal throughout the mountainous areas of Japan, but are considered an endangered species.
  11. And though they are a relatively familiar animal throughout the mountainous areas of Japan, they are considered an endangered species.
  12. The exercise, akin to the Surrealist game of the exquisite corpse, entails splicing together familiar animals to create bizarre hybrids.
  13. An analysis by Martti Haavio is that Vipunen is not physically large, but his familiar animal ( astral form ) is a whale.
  14. A familiar is based on the concept of the familiar spirit or familiar animal, and serves spellcasting characters as a magical companion and servant.
  15. The fox appears in the folklore of many cultures as a figure of cunning or trickery, or as a familiar animal possessed of magic powers.
  16. Along with familiar animals he liked to have animals that symbolized force, power and beauty such as the heads of lions, wolves and horses.
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