familiar chat造句


  1. The familiar chat is typically seen sitting on a rock, or hopping on bare patches of soil.
  2. The contrast between the dark upperparts and the much paler underparts distinguish this species from the more uniformly coloured familiar chat.
  3. Birds such as familiar chats, pale-winged starlings, red-winged starlings and yellow-bellied bulbuls have been observed feeding on ectoparasites of klipspringer.
  4. It also has the pale salmon-buff on the rump extending only onto the base of the tail, whereas the familiar chat has a richer hue which almost reaches the tip of the tail.
  5. The Botswana Bird Club ( BBC ) established in 1980, now renamed as BirdLife Botswana promotes ornithological knowledge and interest and also publishes a biannual journal called " The Babbler " and a quarterly newsletter known as " The Familiar Chat " dealing with all issues of bird conservation, research and training in Botswana.
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