1. Farlington, as a name, originates before the Domesday Book.
  2. Details were included in the civil parish of Farlington, North Yorkshire.
  3. A small stream, the Farlington beck, runs through the village.
  4. Farlington was a small rural community for the majority of its existence.
  5. Farlington is also home of the Portsmouth Water Company's filtration beds.
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  7. Farlington has a post office with ZIP code 66734.
  8. In 1812 Thomas Smith built a reservoir to hold spring water from Farlington Marshes.
  9. In 1829 he was given command of Farlington.
  10. The line was finished off at the eastern end with Crookhorn Redoubt and Farlington Redoubt.
  11. Farlington Beck runs southwards through the village to join the River Foss about a south.
  12. Hyem attended Farlington School, and studied at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.
  13. He also managed the company s two experimental tree farms ( ) near Farlington, Kansas.
  14. Farlington is affiliated to the Girls'Schools Association and the Independent Association of Prep Schools.
  15. Farlington has approximately 350 girls as students, although The Orchard Nursery is co-educational.
  16. At the 2011 Census the population was included in the Drayton and Farlington ward of the city.
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