farm advertising造句

"farm advertising"是什么意思   


  1. Area farms advertise homemade relishes or jams, along with what is likely the freshest barbecued chicken available anywhere.
  2. A California woman took the picture of her twin sons in 1978 . ( She won third place with the photo at the San Luis Obispo, Calif ., fair . ) Over the years it was used in farm advertising until Roy Reiman of Reiman Publications obtained the picture for posters.
  3. In 2007, he directed viewers to visit " myfoxny don cock " instead of " myfoxny dot com ", which is the website for WNYW . Then in 2009, following meteorologist Nick Gregory's weather forecast one evening where he made a joke playing off an old Perdue Farms advertising campaign, Anastos said, live on the air, " It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Nick.
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