fat families造句


  1. Now the Fat family has half a dozen restaurants around California, and the fusion continues.
  2. Frank Fat's, the first Fat family restaurant, opened in Sacramento in 1939 and won a following by combining Asian spices and American foods.
  3. "Amor em V鉶 " was recorded by Paulo Ricardo, bassist of the famous Brazilian band RPM . " Flores e Espinhos " was covered by Fat Family under the name " Sou S?Um ".
  4. After qualifying in 1998 as a fitness instructor, she worked in the 2000s on various projects, including the 2005 ITV series " Fat Families " as fitness advisor to one of the title families.
  5. De-fat family faves : Without altering the taste, you can usually use 25 percent less butter, margarine or oil in almost any recipe or prepackaged side dish such as mac and cheese, according to Roberts.
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  7. I knew things were bad when I passed a Taco Bell and my mouth watered, but my desperation was sealed after I saw a fat family buying a bag of pretzels at Smitty's and I burst into tears.


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