feed way造句

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  1. research on the working orthogonal clearance of flying cutting tool machining worm wheel in radial feeding way
  2. the french international can take advantage of a new fifa ruling which would apparently allow him to leave stamford bridge this summer for a fee way below his market value
  3. firstly, the theory of microstrip antenna is simply analyzed . based on the research of it, the best feeding way which is aperture coupled feeding is found . at the same time, the round patch is chosen
  4. based on the above study, we draw the conclusion that the participatory instruction is an effective way to reform the traditional " spool-feeding way of teaching " it is also an effective means to quicken the steps of popularizing the compulsory education in the poor regions, it helps to promote the development and growth of student, enhances the teaching quality . and the action research enrich the teachers " professional knowledge and improve their practical ability . it is an ideal way to help to combine the teaching theory with the teaching practice
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