1. "' Bradley's Country Store Complex "'is located north of County Road 151 ) in the community of Felkel, Florida.
  2. In the book, he mechanically realizes, independent of the work done by Felkel, the Erasthosthenes sieve which he then proceeds with rules to both optimize and organize.
  3. Based on the tables by Anton Felkel and Jurij Vega, Adrien-Marie Legendre conjectured in 1797 or 1798 that is approximated by the function } }, where and are unspecified constants.
  4. "Sometimes, it seems we have two sections of haves arguing with each other while the rest of the state is made up of have-nots, " said Chip Felkel, a business consultant and Republican activist who grew up in Williamsburg County, the state's poorest.
  5. It's difficult to find felkel in a sentence. 用felkel造句挺难的


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