felt around造句

"felt around"是什么意思   


  1. why don't you lift the plastic ceiling panel and feel around
  2. i just get this really ieft-out feeling around christmas time, you know
  3. wellhung : i'm done going . i'm feeling around for the flush handle, but i can't find it . uh-oh
  4. wellhung : i find the bathroom and it's dark . i'm feeling around for the toilet . i lift the lid
  5. she rolled on one side and felt around below her stomach but realised it must have been something on the ground after all
  6. It's difficult to find felt around in a sentence. 用felt around造句挺难的
  7. it's often more dangerous to test out the waters by feeling around the edge of the protected area than by flying all the way into it
  8. now, you listen to his solo, you may feel kind of gloomy, isn't this the feeling around us when we were just at our twenties
  9. you might start by simply noticing how you feel around them, and using your imagination to sense the overall quality and beauty of their aura and thoughts
  10. carefully, keeping his eye on the place where the skeleton lay buried, the sweeper felt around the rock until his hand closed on two gold coins that the ghost had missed
  11. “ there is a real positive feeling around the team and the 1-1 draw at juventus answered some important questions on our physical and psychological status at the moment, ” explained the coach
  12. "a presence that you feel around you, is my opinion, " said elizabeth daves, 63, of flemington, n . j . " i accept them to come whenever they want to .
  13. and after a fast start last season, bynum faded badly and the general feel around the lakers was at just 20 going into this season, bynum was two or three years away from seriously helping the team
  14. a satellite orbiting 600 miles above the pacific picked up a streak of warm water forming along the equator-an early sign of the phenomenon felt around the world when it last appeared, just four years ago
  15. she got up without lighting the lamp, felt around in the armoire for an archaic revolver that no one had fired since the war of a thousand days, and located in the darkness not only the place where the door was but also the exact height of the lock


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