felt carpet造句

"felt carpet"是什么意思   


  1. A floor is covered with felt and there is placed a felt carpet over it.
  2. He sent his Heir Apparent as a hostage and promised to give felt carpets each year.
  3. Thus, felt carpets which decorated the inner walls of the burial chamber, decorated sadels and various kinds of clothing were also found.
  4. Kublai's force pursued Nayan, who was eventually captured and executed without bloodshed, by being smothered under felt carpets, a traditional way of executing princes.
  5. Have you ever played one of those courses where the " green " is actually a felt carpet pockmarked with cigarette burns, tears and divots?
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  7. Especially in the western steppes metal wares are found almost exclusively decorated with elements of the animal style; in the permafrost of south Siberia and Transbaikal, felt carpets and other textiles with elements from the animal style are also found, among which a felt swan stuffed with moss deserves special attention.
  8. For those who see Madison Square Garden only through the prism of hockey and basketball, this show perhaps is the arena's most dramatic transformation : The shiny wood floors of the Knicks and glistening ice of the Rangers are replaced for two days by a green felt carpet stretched from end to end.
  9. This is true of the intertwined birds, like tangles of gold wire, on a Persian carpet fragment from about 1600; of the triangular camels in stately march across the border of a 19th-century Tunisian piece, and of the single bold chocolate-brown floral form emblazoned on a felt carpet bag made in Afghanistan as recently as the 1970s.


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