felt changing造句

"felt changing"是什么意思   


  1. Ever since this event , i felt changed
  2. Who is responsible for approving look - and - feel changes ( as the site expands ) to ensure that the quality of the site is maintained
  3. Sit down with them and let them tell you what happened and how the world reacted and what they feel changed by the event
  4. Aikido is a " feeling . " ultimately it is the feeling of loving kindness . training with this feeling changes the " quality " of our movements
    本质上,合气道是一种感觉,一种仁爱的感觉。带着这种感觉进行练习可以改变我们动作的“质量” 。
  5. Abstract : this article analyses the interior space of religion buildings , and clarifies the view that the human " s feeling changes following different indoor space at a subject how to construct the atmosphere of interior environment . in modern society designers for interior space should arm at the point or view and reflect fully the idea of human nature
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