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  1. I still wax sentimental over the green felt cloth left me by my much-missed poker friend Seymour.
  2. The least significant change-- the green felt cloth draped over an exquisite antique table-- was caused by the C-SPAN camera lights.
  3. This is often achieved by dropping a felt cloth between the hammers and the strings when the practice pedal is depressed.
  4. Mongol histories say that Subutai said to Genghis Khan, " I will ward off your enemies as felt cloth protects one from the wind ."
  5. When dictating his account over twenty years later he remembered spreading felt cloth in front of his camels to prevent them sinking into the snow.
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  7. At certain times of year ( primarily during the new year's festivities ) the portions of the tatami where guests sit may be covered with a red felt cloth.
  8. Create a vest by tracing the contours of a real vest onto two pieces of felt cloth, advises Elise Grau, educator and costume designer for the Center for Puppetry Arts.


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