felt come造句

"felt come"是什么意思   


  1. A peculiar feeling came over feliks .
  2. A strange feeling comes over me .
  3. A dim, sick, faint feeling came over him .
  4. The flow of grace is felt coming down , cooling the whole being
  5. After each section , pause and notice the next feeling coming up . write about that feeling
  6. It's difficult to find felt come in a sentence. 用felt come造句挺难的
  7. We can see here , that artistic feeling is totally involved with precise reason , and precise reason makes artistic feeling come true
  8. And the familiar scenes made me realize that this feeling came from vibrations in the depths of my heart - my meditative experience and dreams had come true
  9. A new soothing and consolatory feeling came upon him , as gazing at the little girls , he became aware of the existence of other human interests , utterly remote from him , and as legitimate as his own
  10. Vaginitis is general a month is controlled can respond can feel come out , but have a few venereal it is to have preclinical , if acuteness is wet verrucous , clap , syphilis , general meeting has 2 to arrive of 6 months preclinical
  11. The first one is a character , who is metaphorically looking at a stone statue , and actually , she feels coming from that inanimate object such compassion for everybody s suffering , that she feels it very , very intensely
  12. As soon as natasha saw him , the same feeling came upon her as at the theatrethe feeling of gratified vanity at his admiration of her , and terror at the absence of any moral barrier between them . ellen gave natasha a delighted welcome , and was loud in her admiration of her loveliness and her dress


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