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  1. In February 2014, the 10-metre high, seven-tonne fibreglass structure was stolen in an overnight operation.
  2. Sitting on top of the concrete roof is a fibreglass structure in the shape of a traditional scout hat, painted brown.
  3. The sculptures are created by accumulating thick layers of oil paint on acrylic and wire, stainless steel or fibreglass structures with large brushstrokes.
  4. The fuselage, a two step hull design, is a fibreglass structure on all models with the glazed cabin well below the wing underside.
  5. These materials can be used to create all sorts of fibreglass structures such as ladders, platforms, handrail systems tank, pipe and pump supports.
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  7. Sadly, the full understanding of the engineering qualities of fibreglass reinforced plastic was still several years off and the suspension attachment points were regularly observed to pull out of the fibreglass structure.
  8. This sculpture was created by Se醤 Creagh; he died before it was complete and so the fibreglass structure that would have been used to create the mould for the final piece was erected instead.
  9. The Solid Air Diamant Twin has an unusual side-by-side configuration cockpit and a plywood engine mount laminated to a fibreglass structure to create a flared like a conventional airplane on landing.


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