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  1. Study on the protein retanning and filling agent from the graft - modification of the hydrolysate of the chrome - shavings with vinyl monomers
  2. But if only special brand filling agents can satisfy separation need for some types , related notes can be made under such type
  3. Soot carbon is a filling agent for rubber that can improve its wear resistance . it is mainly produced by high temperature cracking that use coal tar as the feedstock
  4. By series : used for pesticide and surfactant of everyday use , rubber filling agent . by series re - compounded with sopa can obviously increase wetting effectives of pesticide
  5. Made of high - speed mixing polytetrafluoethylene resin and a certain volume of filling agent ( such as carbon fiber , graphite , molybdenum disulfide , glass fiber and bronze powder etc . ) shaped by moulding then through high heat sintering
  6. It's difficult to find filling agent in a sentence. 用filling agent造句挺难的
  7. Because of the addition of filling agent , some characteristics of polyterafluoethylene are greatly improved , especially on abrasion resistance , heat conductivity , contravariance and self lubrication , which are obviously better than pure polytetrafluoethylene products
  8. Wollastonite is also used as : protective slag in casting ; sillicon - steel ; electrode coating ; lagging material ; ceramic moulds and bonding agent for abrasives a filling agent in paper making , the trace mineral in the production of white cement and special electric ceramics
  9. The results showed the optimum condition and technology were that mma : ea : maa = 45 : 40 : 15 , the content of total initiator was 0 . 8 % , and the content of seed initiator was 0 . 3 % , emulsion : talcum powder : water = 200 : 80 : 60 , and the defect of too sticky of working liquid could be overcame by using talcum powder as filling agent
    结果表明:单体组成比为mma : ea : maa 45 : 40 : 15时,所得乳液聚合物能满足使用性能要求;种子引发剂加入量控制在单体量0 . 3 % ,而总的引发剂用量在0 . 8 %较适宜;以滑石粉作填料,可克服工作液增稠严重的缺陷,工作液的配比按胶乳:滑石粉:水质量比200 : 80 : 60能得到理想港宝胶片。
  10. When injecting samples , chromatographic column should be completely flushed and balanced with mobile phase ; if the system applicability is not up to regulation , or if filling agents are damaged , replace with new similar chromatographic column for analysis ; if operation according to procedures can not reach scheduled separation due to existence of certain difference between degree of bond of chemically bonded - phase of similar filling agents and performance , another brand of similar chromatographic column can be used for test


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